Visual directory listings assisting expats in Bulgaria launched by those for whom the Bulgarian still sounds Chinese

Link2Bulgaria as Cris Biemond describes it:

"How to find a restaurant? Where can in find a doctor that speaks English? I just started my company but how do I find a bookkeeper? Common questions especially with ex-pats who are or are willing to settle for a greater period or perhaps even permanent in Bulgaria. Lots of companies exist that give great services, though somehow they are not or rarly found trough the existing channels. As ex-pats ourselves we see this issue and thought of a way how deal with it. The answer is pictures. Everybody understands a picture whether is a business man from Serbia, a tourist from Sweden or an investor from Russia.

The idea is simple a company/service provides us with a picture we put it on our website and people who look for a certain service will find it. First of all we divided Bulgaria on our site in all the provinces that Bulgaria has. Than within that province we made categories i.e. bars hotels medical service, transportation.

To make it easy for our users to find the company or service they need.

We found out that not only ex-pats were interested in our concept tourist and even Bulgarians themselves find the idea and the set up of our site refreshing.

See you soon on"