Bike park Pamporovo

The Bike Park Pamporovo boasts 15 meticulously designed trails spanning over 35 kilometers, catering to riders of all ages and skill levels. Each trail is equipped with a diverse array of obstacles, turns, jumps, wooden structures, and other engaging features.

Our park offers a wide range of trails, each tailored to different abilities and purposes, including specialized downhill tracks, beginner-friendly routes, family-oriented paths, training circuits for skill development, and Bulgaria's sole specialized course for the four-cross discipline.

With our dedicated bike wardrobe, riders have access to bikes of various classes, ensuring they have the appropriate equipment for their adventure. Our team of qualified bike guides is on hand to accompany riders throughout their journey along the park's trails.

For cycling enthusiasts seeking new adventures, our Chepelare bike park, established in the summer of 2016, provides an additional destination. Situated amidst the stunning scenery of Mechi Chal Peak, this park offers opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, and family outings, with dedicated areas for children's activities and amenities suitable for all ages. Additionally, thrill-seekers can experience our exhilarating extreme track.

*This initiative is undertaken with the collaboration of Concept Creative.

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