History of skiing

Have you ever taken a moment while riding the chairlift and enjoying the beautiful ski slopes, to look down at the skis dangling from your feet and think, "How weird is that?!". Strapping your feet to two boards doesn't seem like the most obvious way to spend your time, but for many, it's what we look forward to most of the year!
When we think of ski holidays today, we imagine sipping mulled wine, eating mountain meals and waking up early for the first ski lifts as we escape reality for a week full of adventure. However, the idea of ​​skiing as a vacation is very far from its origins. We've put together a timeline of the history of skiing - so the next time your non-skier friend asks why you do it every winter, you'll have something to tell them!

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How to take care of our ski equipment?

Skiing requires special equipment to make coping with the cold easier. Like most things, equipment will last longer if you take proper care of it. Here we will explain exactly how to do this.

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How to ski? Beginner's Guide

Learning to ski is a great way to be active and have fun with friends and family during the winter. Skiing may seem complicated at first, but with practice and patience, learning the basics of this attractive sport is not at all difficult.

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10 interesting facts about the fascinating sport of skiing

Skiing is a fascinating sport. Its historical, cultural, and geographical significance are constant reminders that skiing is a great activity.

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