20 October 2018

‘Eat, drink, have fun and bless us…’

The 10th Jubilee annual Balkanska Skariada (Balkan’s BBQ festival) will take place in the Ethnographic area of the Zlatograd village on October, 20, 2018, 11.00 AM.

You are welcome to experience yourself the emotion and joy of the local diversity of cultures, where the Balkan people, Bulgarians, Turks, Serbs and Greek play together and enjoy the gastronomic feats of the area.

For a tenth year in a row, the feast of the Balkan skara (skara = barbeque, the Balkan way) brings together in the Old city of Zlatograd, chefs from all over the Balkans – Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Serbia, along with more than 2000 visitors, united over the culinary traditions of the area.  During the festival, the guests and visitors of the city will have the opportunity to taste traditional Bulgarian kebapcheta and kufteta (local-flavoured meatballs), Greek grilled fish, Serbian pleskavitsa and Turkish dana-kebap.

The festival in the Old city is unique for the area, bringing together people from different nationalities, religions and cultures by reviving traditional dishes.