I. General rules

1.1 Your use of the portal network of PAMPOROVO.ME, the software applications and the electronic tour-operator services (referred to herein as Services and excluding any and all services, which Pamporovo.me provides in accordance with a separate written agreement), is subject to regulation, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this legally binding arrangement between you and PAMPOROVO.ME, which is the same as Pamporovo AD.

1.2 The use of the PAMPOROVO.ME platform and the e-services therein is considered to constitute a consent and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1.3 Each and every newly introduced functionality or improvement to the e-services provided, including the creating/adding new web resources to the portal network of PAMPOROVO.ME, shall also be governed by these conditions of use.

1.4 The services, provided through PAMPOROVO.ME, are available through (but not limited by) the World Wide Web, 3G/GPRS/HDA and through Company’s own hybrid application for mobile telephones, based on the iOS and Android operating systems. These General Terms and conditions are applicable each and every time you access the PAMPOROVO.ME platform, its tools and services, irrespective of the design, operating system, browser type and the protocol of access.

1.5 Тhe PAMPOROVO.ME platform (and its portal network) can be used to provide electronic services, offered and maintained by third parties, partners and legal entities in contractual relations with Pamporovo AD.

1.6 A partner is each and every legal entity, having permanent contractual relations with Pamporovo AD and entitled to provide electronic services to the various types of users.

II. Changes to the terms of use

2.1 Pamporovo AD may change, add or remove parts of these Terms of Use at any time. Any and all changes, reflected in these Terms of Use, become effective immediately after their publication.

III. Provision of personal data

3.1 The provision of personal data is mandatory when ordering or buying through the reservation system and the shop at PAMPOROVO.ME. The user must complete the form with specific data, such as name, a valid telephone number and e-mail address, required to order products and services and for the issuing of invoices.

3.2 By sending a request for a personalized offer, accommodation or supply of services, using the contact form, published on PAMPOROVO.ME, you give your consent to Pamporovo AD and its partners, to store and process the provided personal data. When sending an inquiry, you can give your consent to receive PAMPOROVO.ME’s email newsletter, containing news and events related to the destination and the platform, information on any special offers and promo games, as well as other relevant content.

IV. Terms and conditions for ordering services

4.1 Terms and conditions for online reservations

Each and every reservation on PAMPOROVO.ME is considered an act (order) for purchasing the respective accommodation, entered as parameters of the respective reservation. Upon making a reservation, the user receives an email, containing the reservation parameters and a link (URL) for its editing. Upon successfully completing the reservation confirmation by e-mail with the relevant reservation number, it is the User’s responsibility to check the parameters and to pay its total amount, selecting one of the available payment methods (as described herein below).

The failure to pay within 24 hours after the submission of the reservation order for accommodation, shall be considered a cancellation by the User.

4.2 Terms and conditions for ordering ski services

Ordering services from PAMPOROVO AD, using the online reservation system and the shop of PAMPOROVO.ME can only take place upon completing the order and effective the payment of the complete amount for the User’s order for services. In the order application form, the User selects the payment method, specifying his/her email address and telephone number.

Each application generates a new order, which is automatically assigned an id and a waiting status, as well as an email message with the parameters of the order and a link (URL) for editing and/or cancellation of the submitted order. In order to finalize the respective order, the User must make full payment within 24 hours. If the payment has been made successfully and in full, the User shall receive an email confirmation, that the order has been process, containing data, regarding the parameters of the confirmed order.


The prices on "Pamporovo" AD’s website are gross, including, depending on the type of service, either 9% or 20% VAT, resort fee and insurance. The total amount, payable by the customer is calculated automatically, depending on the number of days, the number of adults and children and on the current price offer for the respective hotel.

Pamporovo AD preserves its right to change the prices and the special offers on its website, depending on the demand and the current vacancies. For reservations already made, confirmed and paid, the payable amount will not change, irrespective of the new price offers provided.

In case of online reservations, it is necessary to pay the entire amount at the moment of reservation, using a debit/credit card or by a bank transfer within the specified period of time after the reservation.


The payment can be performed, using one of 3 different methods

4.4.1 Electronically, using a debit or credit card

We accept payment by Visa, Visa Electron, V Pay, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic or Maestro cards. If you choose this payment method, the payment page of our bank (BACB) will open, where you will fill-in your card details. If you are registered in the authentication systems Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode, the authentication page of your issuing bank will pop-up, where you will have to fill-in your authentication password. In case of a successful transaction, the screen will show a transaction note, which you should print and keep.

In the moment of online reservation, the respective amount will be automatically withdrawn from your card, upon the completion of the payment process.

4.4.2 Using the electronic payment systems EPAY.BG and PAYPAL.COM

If this option is selected, the payment are first received by the respective payment system, and upon successful payment, that system guarantees your reservation. PAMPOROVO AD does not receive any data, regarding your credit or debit cards.

4.4.3 Using a bank transfer

The payment of the entire amount must be effected within the specified time period, after the reservation. After effecting the payment, you must send a copy of the payment order or the deposit slip, to the following fax number: +359 309 58511, always indicating the reservation number as the reason for payment.

If you use electronic banking, you are required to send the payment details to e-mail: marketing@pamporovo.me



5.1.1 These terms and conditions for online reservation bind “Pamporovo” AD to provide the reservation, requested and paid by the client, according to the data, provided by the client through the reservation form, as follows: client name, hotel, period, number of nights, number of adults and children, price per night.

The "Remarks" box on the reservation form does not bind Pamporovo AD and any and all desires and requests of the client, specified therein shall be satisfied only if possible.

In the reservation, only individuals aged less than 12 as of the date of arrival, may be considered children.

5.2. Cancellation of the reservation

By making the reservation, you accept and agree to the cancellation policy, applied by the selected place of accommodation and additional services in case of non-arriaval and failure to use the services, as well as any additional terms and conditions at the place of accommodation, which are related to your reservation or time of stay, including and any additional services, provided at the place of accommodation and additional services, such as: ski pass, ski and other equipment etc.

In case of cancellation, failure to use or change of an already paid online reservation by the client, Pamporovo AD shall refund, upon request, the amount paid, charging a compensation, depending on the reservation period.

Please, note that certain special offers, such asearly reservation and last-minute reservation, are not subject to cancellation or change, as this is expressly and clearly indicated in the offers.

In case of refund, any and all transfer-related costs and expenses (banking fees etc.) shall be at covered by the client.

If it becomes necessary to refund any amounts paid using a card, with respect to services agreed and provided by us, this will be effected by means of a credit transaction to the card, used for the payment.

If you want to review, change or cancel your reservation, you can do that by contacting PAMPOROVO.ME’s team using the following contact details: booking@pamporovo.me, (+359) 70017702; (+359) 882 886 419 or (+359) 882 886 447

5.2.1 Cancellation of an accommodation reservation

In case of cancellation of reservations in the periods:

06.12. – 09.12. – Cancellations without penalty can be made not later than 21 days prior to the date of arrival, and after that deadline, the client shall pay a penalty, equal to the price of 1 night at the respective hotel. In case of no-show, 100% of the amount payable shall be withheld, as penalty.

27.12. – 02.01. - Cancellations without penalty shall be made not later than 14 days prior to the arrival date, and after that deadline, a penalty, equal to the price of 2 nights at the respective hotel shall be paid. In case of no-show, 100% of the amount payable shall be withheld, as penalty.

25.01. – 09.02. - Cancellations without penalty shall be made not later than 7 days prior to the arrival date, and after that deadline, a penalty, equal to the price of 1 night at the respective hotel shall be paid. In case of no-show, the penalty shall amount to the price of 1 night at the respective hotel.

01.03. – 04.03. - Cancellations without penalty shall be made not later than 7 days prior to the arrival date, and after that deadline, a penalty, equal to the price of 1 night at the respective hotel shall be paid. In case of no-show, the penalty shall amount to the price of 1 night at the respective hotel.

Reservations for all other periods may be cancelled not later than 4 hours prior to the time of arrival, and in case of cancellation less than 24 hours before arrival or no-show – a penalty, amounting to the price for 1 night shall be paid.

5.2.2 Cancellation of orders for ski services

The client may cancel any ski services, including ski pass, not later than 24 hours before arrival, without having to pay any penalties for ski equipment, ski school and ski pass.

In case of cancellation of a purchased ski pass ,less than 24 hours before the date of use of the pass, the single price of a 1 day ski-pass shall be paid.

There are no penalties for cancellations of ski equipment or ski school.

In this case the client may receive back the amount paid, in the same bank account, used to make the payment, within 20 business days after the request for cancelation of the order.

In case the ski service cannot be provided, the operator may offer an alternative service of similar characteristics and price, which the user can accept or decline.

5.3 For the refunding of amounts in case of cancelation and no-show, apart from the terms and conditions, detailed in para. 5.2.1 and para. 5.2.2, a written or electronic request must also be sent to the following address address: Pamporovo Resort, Orlovets Hotel, or e-mail: marketing@pamporovo.me .
/ The request must contain the following information: Name and Surname, order ID, bank details/

5.4 Cancellation of the reservation by the client

The service provider must accept ant cancellation of a reservation, without withholding any penalties, if the cancellation is requested, according to the requirements, to which he/she has agreed when making the reservation, and which have been subsequently confirmed with the confirmation code.