2 + 1

1 + 2

1 Lift ticket

2 ways

35 BGN 31 BGN 27 BGN

2 Lifts ticket

3 ways

45 BGN 39 BGN 34 BGN

2 Lifts ticket

4 ways

51 BGN 44 BGN 40 BGN

3 Lifts ticket

6 ways

62 BGN 54 BGN 49 BGN

Package “Family ticket is valid for families in the following scheme: 2+2 (7-14); 2+1(7-14); 1+2 (7-14). All other accompanying persons (adults and/or children) pay the regular adult or children ticket. All children up to 7 years old use all lifts in Pamporovo and Mechi Chal FREE of charge. Family package is available for combined or individual use of all four operating lifts in Pamporovo and Mechi Chal.


Tickets for passing and using the chair lifts in Pamporovo and Mechi Chal. Each passing through the tourniquets, regardless of the direction - uploading to the top or down counts for one way passing. Tickets are valid only during the day, which are issued in.


2, 4 and 6 ways ticket: Allows combination of the four operating lifts in Pamporovo and  Mechi Chal and the direction of movement up or down. When buying a ticket it is necessary to indicate the direction of passing up or down and the lifts that will to be used.



Working time of chair lifts

Until 4.10.2020


Lift №1 Tourist center - Studenets /from Monday to Sunday/
From 9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m

Lift №2 Studenets – Snezhanka peak /from Monday to Sunday/
From 9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m