DISCOUNTS! All children up to 6,99 years old use all lift facilities in Pamporovo and Mechi Chal free of charge, but necessarily with an adult attendant. A ski pass is not needed.

NB! Ski pass 2in1 is valid for all facilities in Pamporovo ski area with access to the facilities in ski area Mechi Chal can be purchased from all desks located at the resort. Working hours i nwinter season: every day from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. When buying a ski pass for 7, 8, 9 days or a seasonal ski pass, there is a deposit payment of 6.00 BGN, which is refundable at the same desk where the pass was bought with the receipt of the deposit. Always remember to keep your deposit receipt! All types of passes are received personally and require a photo of the client. The photo is made on site at the cashier desk when buying a pass. With the provision of personal data, tourists agree that Pamporovo AD will use them in accordance with the Company's Privacy Policy described on the official website For proper use of ski pass in ski area Pamporovo and ski area Mechi Chal, please read the general terms and conditions placed visibly on each desk or find them online here.

FOR YOUR SAFETY! For your own safety and the safety of everyone around you we do recommend you to read the rules of safe behavior of tourists in ski area Pamporovo and ski area Mechi Chal, which can be found on each cashier desk, and online at the official Web page

The value of the ski pass is not refundable in case of:

  • Power outage
  • Bad weather conditions that endanger the safety of tourists or the safe operation of the facilities
  • Partial closure of the ski area or a designated area with limited ability for the safety of  the tourists
  • Removing or blocking the ski pass when a breach of the rules in the general terms is established by an authorized person
  • Illness or accident during the use of the ski pass
  • In case of loss of the ski pass

According to the General terms for use of Pamporovo ski area and Mechi Chal ski area: Ski pass must be shown to the authorized personnel for inspection if requested. Transfer and resale of ski pass to another person is prohibited. When a breach of the rules for use of the ski pass is established referred in the general terms by an authorized person, the ski pass shall be taken away without compensation with a protocol.

In case you have had an accident or you’ve witness to an accident on the territory of ski area Pamporovo and ski area Mechi Chal, You should report to the Mountain Rescue Service immediately: base Studenets (Pamporovo) +359 309 58 336 088 1475 or +359 887 100 245.

(+359) 0700 17 702   (+359) 0882 643 100 І

Winter season 2018-2019
Ski lift ticket Adult Child 7-11.99 years
2 ways 20 BGN 12 BGN
1/2 day from 8:45 am - 12:30 pm /12:30 pm - 4:30 pm  41 BGN 27 BGN
1 DAY 58 BGN 35 BGN
2 DAYS 113 BGN 67 BGN
3 DAYS 164 BGN 96 BGN
4 DAYS 212 BGN 126 BGN
5 DAYS 260 BGN 155 BGN
6 DAYS 306 BGN 183 BGN
7 DAYS 354 BGN 210 BGN
8 DAYS 396 BGN 236 BGN
9 DAYS 432 BGN 252 BGN