The start point of the route is 1.3km away from Koshnitsa village. These are the sites, good for extreme adventure enthusiasts should visit. Apart from the main attraction – the four underground formations known as Golubovitsa cave, the canyon offers many more curious sites.  

Golubovitsa is a cave complex with 3 entrances situated on different levels. The cave is a system of 4 caves (1, 2, 3 snd 4), that are genetically and morphologically interconnected. They are located on the right bank of the Elenska river. Golubovitsa is one of the almost unexplored Bulgarian caves.

"Golubovitsa 1" is a small cave, connected to the water-cave "Golubovitsa 2". It is a carst spring, which drains the "Golubovitsa 2" cave, about 150m long.

"Golubovitsa 2" is one of the longest in the Rhodopes – 1.7km (not traversable due to cave sumps filled with water, passages are reachable only with diving), so the visitors can see only 380m of it. Entering the cave is possible only during the period from July to October, depending on the water levels. All visitors must be equipped with special boots, thigh-high, safety vests, jackets and source of light. Along with the route runs an underground spring. The hardest obstacle to pass is the 30m lake, crossed with tiny, 2 people capacity boats (one of who is the guide), sitting in a way that lets them cross 2 narrow sections.

The cave’s main hall has a high ceiling, rich in secondary formations. Inside the visitors can see the underground spring creating a primary cave formations and enjoy the colourful mosaic of polished pebbles in the water. The cave exploration ends after the first sump.

Golubovitsa 3 is situated right above the Golubovitsa 2 water cave. There is a large void between the two. Golubovitsa 3 is a horizontal cave. There are rock blocks at the floor and secondary karst formations on the ceiling – stalactites and stone curtains. The cave is inhabited with bats.

Golubovitsa 4 is a steep passage cave, about 48m long. There are no formations here.

Other challenges for the cave and Garga dere visitors are the alpine trolley and Via Ferrata. The alpine trolley is a ‘fly over’ the Elenska river, on a rope, 140m long, at a height of some 20 meters above the water. Via Ferrata is an iron step way into the rock, through metal steps, with a safety rope. The extreme vertical passage is 140m long, with 80m leveling and requires special equipment.