The Agushevi Konatsi near the village of Mogilitsa are an important memorial of a national importance since 1964. They are the largest late-Middle Ages feudal castle on the Balkans.

It took 20 years to build it, from 1820 to 1840, by three craftsmen (architects), for the rich Turkish feudal Salih Aga and his three sons.

The Agushevi Konatsi complex consists of three interconnected yards with residential and farm buildings divided from each other with internal walls. There was a well in each yard, the residence of the lord, his servants, the help, the temporary workers rooms, the barn, the hayloft, the granary and other farm buildings.

Research on the castle shows it has a total of 221 windows, 86 doors and 24 chimneys. The interior is almost entirely made of wood (pine, walnut and cherry), the roofs has eaves and the chimneys are made of polished stone masonry. The women’s wing has built-in rotating cupboards, making it unnecessary for the women to hide their faces in case of contact with other people.

At the end of the 20th century a large scale restoration of the complex begun, and in 2001 its ownership was restored and the castle was given back to the heirs of Salih Aga. After almost a decade of litigations, the castle was recently opened to the public.