Krastova Gora is a site in the Central Rhodopes, close to Krastov peak (1413m) and named after it. It is also known as the Rhodopean Holly Wood because of the Monastery complex in the area.

Krastova gora/ Holy Cross Wood is one of the largest Christian sites in Bulgaria, attracting many Christian pilgrims. The reason behind its popularity is the saying that a piece of the Holy Cross has been buried here. Many legends talk about this place and all of them are related to the Cross of Christ and the miracle of healing.

At the very beginning of the chapel complex, lies the church ‘’Pokrov na presveta Bogoroditsa’/“Protection of Mary”, completed in 1995. Chapels, dedicated to the 12 apostles, are placed along the area from it to a small hill.

In 1936 Tsar Boris ІІІ donated a large 99 kilogram metal cross. Now a replica is placed there, and it can be seen at the highest place in the end of the alley. People believe that the cross has miraculous power to heal terminally ill people. There is a spring in the chapels’ area, which also has healing power according to the legend.

The largest number of pilgrims visit Krastova Gora in the eve of Holy Cross Day (September 14). On September 13, every year, thousand of pilgrims come and pray for health and stay for the night vigil in front of the church “Protection of Mary” or spend the night praying in some of the chapels.

Nature around the Christian center is very beautiful and the area attracts also nature enthusiasts and visitors, seeking a quiet place to relax and get a rest.