Dyavolski Most (The Devil’s Bridge), also known as Sheytan Kyupriya is a medieval bridge over the Arda river. It is situated in a strikingly beautiful gorge, about 10 kilometers northwest of Ardino and 4 kilometers east of the village of Galabovo (Banite municipality).

The bridge was built in 1515-1518 following an order from Selim Sultan I. It is built upon a Roman bridge remains, connecting the Aegean Sea with the Upper-Thracian Plains through the Makaza pass. Information about the construction is scarce, but it is believed its creator was Master Dimitar from the neighboring village of Nedelino.

The bridge is situated on 420m masl and has two steep banks on its both sides. It is 56m long and 3.5m wide. The bridge is three-arched with holes on its sides, to drain the water. The main arch is 11.50  - 12m high and the bridge sides are protected with a stone bulwark, 12 cm high.

In 1984 the bridge is declared a cultural monument. It is reachable through a unsurfaced road, via a car.