The Zlatograd Ethnographic Areal Complex is located in the city of Zlatograd – an open air museum, incorporated within the daily life of the city. The complex consists of an ethnographic museum, craft workshops and an exhibition of water equipment.

The complex tour starts with the museum, where visitors can get familiar with the history of the region. The museum has an archaeological collection, an exhibition describing the life of the local people in the past, costume collections, adornments and ritual objects.

The tour continues with a visit to the craft workshops – tailor, button-making, sartorial, knifemaking, copper crafts. All of the shops are working and open so the visitors can see how the skilled craftsmen create different objects who they can also buy.

One of the complex attractions are the three water devices that are still operating: valyavitsa, tepavitsa and vodenitsa – all situated in a building, known as the Vuntsovata vodenitsa (Vuntso’s Mill). The ‘valyavista’ is a river vortex, used for a laundry, the ‘tepavitsa’ is used for fulling and the ‘vodenitsa’ is a watermill.

In 2004 the EAC was included in the list of the 100 National Tourist Sites of the BTU. In the beginning of 2006 it was declared "The best unique ethnographic complex in Bulgaria in 2005".

Zlatograd Ethnographic Areal Complex is listed in the 100 Tourist Sites in Bulgaria with number 86.