The medieval archaeological complex Perperikon is located in the East Rhodope Mountain, 20 km northeast from the town of Kardzhali. The rock city tops a cliff peak, 470m high. The village of Gorna krepost is located in the outskirts of the peak, and the river Perpereshka flows besides it. Perperikon is one of the most ancient monumental megalithic structures, entirely carved into the rocks. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bulgaria.

Religious practices were performed on the cliff’s top starting as far as the V-th century BC. Worshiping of the Sun-God by the Chalcolithic people lead them to build the first sanctuary and started leaving food sacrifices for the gods. These religious practices continued through the entire Bronze Age (III-II millennium BC). The process of metal tools mastering made the hard rock cutting possible and that’s when an oval hall with a huge circular altar in its center was built. There, the priests performed their sacred rituals with wine and fire. These religious practices were typical for the temple of Dionysius, which was long sought in the Rhodope Mountain. Last archaeological researches are clear that the temple was located exactly in Perperikon.

During the last millennium of the old era and the first centuries of the new one, the rock structures grew and became a town with fortified walls, palaces and suburbs. In the beginning of the V century AD the rock town became an Episcopal center after the people in the Rhodope Mountains converted to Christianity. During the period of the VII – XIV century AD Perperikon flourishes as a regional center. It was a constant reason for battles between Bulgarians and Byzantines. In the end of the XIV century the Ottoman Turks conquered and destroyed the fortress, the ruins of which slowly sank into oblivion.

Today, the ancient glory of Perpericon is reastored. The sacred city is unique as an archeological, historic, natural and multireligious artifact. Many of the findings, discovered during archaeological explorations of Perperikon, can be seen in the History Museum in Kardzhali. I

Perperikon is listed in the 100 Tourist Sites in Bulgaria with number 25.