St. Visarion Smolenski cathedral is an Orthodox church in Smolyan city. It is the second largest temple, following the cathedral church of St. Alexander Nevski in Sofia. It is named after Visarion Smolenski, a local bishop and martyr of the 17th century.

The cathedral construction started in 2002. It was funded by private donations. Main donors are Todor and Zdravka Batkov. On June 2, 2006 the cathedral was consecrated and officially opened. Since that date, the church has become a symbol of the Smolyan city. The main church hall has a total area of 328m.sq., the diameter of the central dome is 17 m., and the height of the belfry is 32 m. The church has 11 unique bells, with images of saints on them. The largest weighs 2 tons.