The Museum of Ski and ski sports Chepelare is unique for Bulgaria. It is located within the building of the ‘Rodopska Iskra’ chitalishte (city’s community centre). The museum was opened in 1998, after the first Olympic golden medal won by Ekaterina Dafovska in Nagano, Japan.

Following the event, the local community, pioneered by Dimitar Raychev,  initiated the museum launch, with the financial and general support of former and current skiers, the Chepelare Municipality and the Ski factory in the city.

The museum deposit holds over 700 exhibits (cups, medals, pictures and others) showing the winter sports and ski development in the area as well as the sports’ history of individuals, who contributed with their efforts the establishing of the city as ski ans sports center.

Museum visitors have the opportunity to learn interesting facts about the most prominent winter athletes and sportsmen - Ekaterina Dafovska, Shinka Kutsinova, Krastana Stoeva, Evangelina Peshinska, Mitko Hadzhiev, Borislav Kiryakov, Radoslav Yankov, Dimitar Gerdzhikov and many more of the old and new generations, who inscribed their names in the golden pages of history of the local and international sports.