Asenovgrad is a city in Southern Bulgaria, situated in Plovdiv region, 15km South of Plovdiv. Asenovgrad is the biggest non-regional city in Bulgaria and the largest in the Rhodopes. By 1934 the city is popular under the name Stanimaka and is further renamed after the Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Asen II – Asenovgrad (grad = city in Bulgarian).

Over the city the skyline is outlined by the glorious remains of the former Asenova Krepost (Asen’s Fortress), ancient stronghold, that, during the Tsar Ivan Asen II reign, has been fortified and turned into a major military base, crucial for the Southern border defense of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

The city is also popular with the many churches, monasteries and chapels and is often referred to as ‘’The Little Jerusalem”. Nowadays it is also known as ‘The city of the bridal dresses’, due to the many tailor ateliers and stores for bridal accessories and dresses.

The many churches, monasteries and artifacts turn the city of Asenovgrad into an important center for religious and cultural tourism. Especially important are the trekking routes to the St Petka Monastery, St. Kirik and the Arapovski Monastery. There are 5 monasteries, 15 churches and 58 chapels in the area around Asenovgrad, as well as museums of History, Ethnography, Speleology, Wine and even a Museum of Rock.