The village of Bachkovo is located in the Asenovgrad Municipality, Plovdiv Region, along the both sides of the Chepelarska river, 9 km south of Asenovgrad and on 325m m.a.s.l. The area of nowadays Bachkovo was inhabited since the ancient times. The village of Bachkovo was founded in 1062.

There are several theories about its name origin – two of them being popular. According to the first, the name ‘Bachkovo’ comes from the ‘bach’ charge (road fee), paid in the middle Ages by all travelers, entering through the low Chepelarska river passage. The other explanation focuses on the Turkish word ‘bachia’ - dairy, since before the village’s settlement, there were Monastery dairies here.

The most important tourist site here is the second largest Eastern Orthodox Monastery in Bulgaria, after the Rila Monastery – the Bachkovo Monastery.