The city of Devin (by 1934 also known as Deuvlen) is an administrative center of the Devin Municipality. It is located in Smolyan region, 33km away from Pamporovo resort. The city is 3-rd most populated in the area, following Smolyan and Zlatograd. Devin is surrounded by centuries-old evergreen fir and spruce forests.

Devin is popular with its thermal mineral springs. The water temperature varies from 16 to 76C. The mineral spring near Beden village (12km from Devin) have temperature of 76C and through a heat conductor, 4.5l/sec from its debit are transferred to Devin. West from the Devin city a Sulphur spring has the temperature of 16C. The mineral spring of the Posestra area, along the basin of Vucha river, has 37C temperature and is rich in sulfates and sodium hydro carbonates. There are couple of other springs and sources in the area.

The municipality of Devin has many attractions and nature landmarks – gorges, caves, rock formations, nature reserves and protected areas. Among them, a must-see are the Trigrad gorges and the Diavolskoto gurlo, Yagodina and Haramiiska caves.