Gela village is situated in the Central Rhodopes, 1500m MASL, at the foot of the most glorious Rhodope Mountain peaks Golyam Perelik (2191m), Orpheus peak (2188m) and the Turlata peak (1825). The village is 30km away from Smolyan and 18km from Pamporovo.

Gela is one of the most ancient Rhodopean villages, founded by the Thracians. Its name is mentioned in the early Ancient Greek’s records as the birthplace of the mythological singer Orpheus and as a temple of the Dionysius cult.  

Every summer on June 20 (Ilinden) the village hosts a festival, gathering of the locals in the St. Iliya Chapel. Gela village is also popular with the National Bagpipe Contest, taking place in the first weekend of every August.