Momchilovtsi village is one of the most attractive Rhodopean villages, 15km away from the city of Smolyan and 17km from Pamporovo.

Momchilovtsi is named after Momchil Junak (Momchil hero), protector of the local natives during the Ottoman rule. The village’s history is centuries old. Many important archeological artifacts have been discovered and excavated during research: tools, jewels and objects from the times of the Thracians, Romans and Slavs – a proof of the ancient origin of the village since the Bronze Age.

Momchilovtsi, as an established ethnographic centre, has preserved its traditions, customs, original folklore, crafts and old Christian customs and religious practices. Everyone can discover the village’s history in the 1981 founded Museum of History and Culture with over 3000 relics – an impressive collection, revealing the rich cultural and historical heritage of the village.

There is an old Orthodox church, built in 1836, in the village’s center – St. Constantine and Elena, declared as memorial of significant cultural and historical importance. The area around the village has 27 chapels. From the village, many eco-trails start their route within the beautiful Rhodopes Mountain.