Ski resort and destination Pamporovo is situated in the Central Rhodopes Mountain, 1650m high, at the foot of the Snezhanka peak. It is just 15km away from the town of Smolyan, 10km from Chepelare and about 90km from the city of Plovdiv. The region climate is mountain, with mild sub-Mediterranean influence, meaning that the winter is long, but mild with 240 sunny days per year, making Pamporovo the sunniest mountain resort in Bulgaria. The average annual temperature is 5.5°С (49 F).

Almost all ski trails start from Snezhanka peak (1926m) and vary from 1926m to 1400m. Ski season starts in the beginning of December and lasts by the end of April.  During winter, the snow cover reaches up to 2 meters height. One of the resort’s advantages is the lack of avalanches and strong winds. The increased negative air ionization in the area makes Pamporovo the best place for respiratory disease restoration, assisting the neurological and metabolic disease improvement.

Ski and Snowboard in Pamporovo

Ski resort Pamporovo is popular as ski and snowboard winter sports destination, praised by many international ski organizations and institutions, among which, Neilson Active Holidays – as Best European resort for ski beginners, with the Best ski school in Europe, Pamporovo PLC, for winter 2010/2011.

Pamporovo is  the most southern point on the Balkans where you can practice winter sports and is a preferable destination to skiers and snowboarders from the neighboring Greece and Turkey. In Bulgaria Pamporovo has been the first choice of the professional skiers for decades. Many international and regional sport events have gathered together ski enthusiasts and the tendency is growing strong with the years; Pamporovo is where the only Winter Olympic gold medalist Ekaterina Dafovska (Nagano, 1998) has started her career

Pamporovo Ecology and Environmental policy

Pamporovo has environmentally conscious approach to the destination development. The environmental-friendly policy has led to investments in improving the green areas with a new hydro seeding technology preventing the trails erosion and recuperation of the green areas. Pamporovo’s policy is consistent, following a long-term vision about the importance of the natural resources conservation and is the only resort in the country who stands behind the Nature-friendly west European good resort practices of seamless human intervention into the natural assets of a place.

Car traffic towards Smolyan and Pamporovo is not heavy, the road from Plovdiv to Pamporovo is fully renovated. The area has reputation of being the cleanest in Bulgaria, leading to the construction of the Rhozhen astronomical observatory, critical for which is the air pollution.

Accommodation in Pamporovo

All hotels and accommodation places, built over 30 years ago, are being renovated and reconstructed. The new buildings fit in the general concept about the Nature conservation. The stunning panoramic views towards the ski slopes, Snezhanka peak and Rozhen are the most popular resort’s characteristics.

Pamporovo offers variety of accommodation, suitable for all budget preferences. There are 2 to 5 star hotels, holiday homes and villas, apart hotels and many options for a family vacation.

Congresses, conferences and event management in Pamporovo

Pamporovo offers excellent venues for congress and conference organization, covering the most specific requirements a client can have. Your corporate events, business enterprises, business meetings, corporate parties, incentive travel, seminars, conferences, coach sessions, PR-events and team building can be hosted in small hotels or large 5-star venues with many facilities to pick up from and variety of options to relax given the remarkable assets of the surrounding area. Pamporovo PLC has a portfolio of successful events, proving its professional approach to the event management. A team of experienced professionals guarantees your success and quality services by applying flexible solutions to your events management and by offering variety of venues for your event, according to your budget requirements, hotel accommodation to the event participants, additional necessary equipment by request, catering, transport services upon request and additional programs for the event attendants and organizers.

Resort development

In 2016 a unique merge joined the two winter resorts Mechi Chal and Pamporovo into one ski area, called ‘Pamporovo-Mechi Chal’. The union turned the two ski areas into the largest ski region on the Balkans, creating the biggest sports center in the area, by boosting the competitiveness, using the already popular and very attractive natural assets of the area and increasing the chance of Bulgaria to host major sport events on each of the ski areas.

Only 9km distance between the two ski areas Pamporovo and Mechi Chal is the reason in 2016/2017 they took the opportunity to unite via a single transport system. New investments, started earlier in 2016, launched the infrastructure improvements of the two ski areas providing the necessary directions and physical access.

During the ski season, scheduled ski buses connect the two ski zones and guarantee the transfer of all tourists willing to use the both. Special bus stations and timetables are set to inform the resorts’ visitors about the bus schedule.

Resorts’ guests have access to the 2 ski zones, using a large variety of ski trails, different in difficulty, where they can further develop their skiing and snowboarding skills. The ski pass options give the visitor the opportunity to ski in one of the zones or both, the general ski pass let them use the two ski areas and the shuttle bus during the day.

The facilities serving the ski areas in Pamporovo and Mechi Chal are time-saving and provide fast access, avoiding the long lines. New generation snow grooming machines “Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug” and “Prinoth” are taking care of the runs’ best performance and a new modern snow machine system will provide a constant snow cover on all regular ski trails.