Progled village is a small Rhodopean village, 3km away from Pamporovo and 6km from Chepelare. The village is located on the large meadows on the right slopes of the Chepelarska river, surrounded by low hills and thick spruce forest.

The village history is remarkable – a native published it in a book, that probably everyone in the village has. Progled was settled down less than a century ago, a very brief period according to the Bulgarian history of settlements. It was initially inhabited by evacuees of the local villages Sokolovtsi and Momchilovtsi, back then, part of the Ottoman Empire, whose border with Bulgaria was the Rozhen passage. Part of these villages’ citizens decided to move within the Bulgarian lands and that’s how the village was founded. His founders are considered to be Pop Vasil Todorov (pop = priest within the Bulgarian Orthodox church), Todor Stanchev and others.