Smilyan village is one of the most ancient Middle Rhodopes villagesq 15km away from Smolyan and 35km from Pamporovo. It is situated on the both sides of Arda river. The name of the village comes from its founders – the Slav tribes Smoleni.

There is a clock tower in the village’s center, over 10m high, initially serving as watchtower.

There are many nature and historical attractions in the village and around. The caves Uhlovitsa, Golubovitsa, Nadarska and Borikovska are located here, as well as the historical sites Agushev konak and the Thracian temple on the Kom peak. Adrenaline addicts can visit the Garga dere canyon – a trail full of adventures, including rock climbing, alpine trolley and not open for public caves, including such with underground springs.