The town of Smolyan is a regional administrative, cultural and educational center for the area of the Western Rhodopes and has population of 28 000. The town is situated along the basin of the river Cherna; three main districts occupy its banks – Smolyan, Raykovo and Ustovo. The name of the town comes from the Slavs tribe of smolyans, that used to live in the area in VII. Nowadays Smolyan was founded in 1960 and combines both the modern and the traditional for the region architecture. Smolyan is the longest town in Bulgaria, stretching along the river basin for 25 kilometers.

The town is situated just 15km from the popular ski resort Pamporovo, 90km from the regional city of Plovdiv and 250km from the capital Sofia. The town’s center is one of its landmarks that you need to plan in your sightseeing for the area – it combines local architectural traditions with Nature in mind.

The town of Smolyan has established a successful partnership with neighboring cities in Turkey and Greece and enjoys a constant string of visitors throughout the years. Due to the region’s unique traditions and the magic of the Rhodope mountain, Smolyan is visited both by Bulgarians and people from all around the world. The nearby ski resort Pamporovo is a landmark that should definitely be part of your journey, should you visit Smolyan.