The village of Stoykite is situated in Southern Bulgaria, Smolyan region. It is located 16km Northwest of the city of Smolyan and 5km from Pamporovo resort. Scattered around the area into 5 districts (mahali), well-preserving the authentic small Rhodopean village lifestyle and architecture, along with the National traditions, customs and culture, Stoykite village attracts many visitors all year long and offers them wonderful opportunities for accommodation, relax and holiday in the ambience of the ancient times.

Located in the outskirts of the mountain, the village offers breathtaking view towards the Chernatitsa ridge and the Murgavets and Perelik peaks, as well as the honoured in many folrlore songs Karaluk peak.

The village is first time mentioned in a travel record of the French traveler Paul Lukas, in 1706. The first citizens settled down here in XVII, during one of the major forced Christian-to-Muslim conversions of the Rhodopes region. For a long period the village was considered part of the nearby Shiroka Laka village. After the Liberation (1878), the village plays an important role during the Kapitan Petki Voyvoda’s battles with the senclerists, trying to bring back the Ottoman rule. One of the most beautiful Rhodopean churches I located here – The church of St Peter and Pavel.

An important discovery – a brass medal from the very first International Olympic games in Athens (1896) was made here. According to historians, the winner has been a local shepherd, popular as unbeatable in all regional competitions, and it is proved he has been a participant in these Olympics. As claimed by the scientists, he has been the first Bulgarian to take part in the Olympics and also the first Bulgarian Olympic champion.

Near the Stoykite village passes the newest gondola 6-chair lift to Snezhanka peak, from which the two of the longest and widest ski trails start from.