Trigrad village is situated in the Western Rhodopes, not far from the Bulgarian-Greek border. It is 26km away from Devin and has 1240m m.a.s.l. The area around the village is rich in archeological findings – cave settlements and Thracians necropolises, linking back to the village’s ancient past. It is pointed out that the village was founded as three smaller settlements, later united into one village, from where its name derived – Trigrad (Three cities).

Local residents have preserved ancient customs and traditions, very attractive for the visitors of the village. The official anniversary  of the village is on August 7. Every year the village celebrates it with the Orphic Mysteries Festival.

Near Trigrad there are 3 of the 100 National Tourist Sites – The Trigrad gorge, The Dyavolsko gurlo (Devil’s Throat) cave and the Yagodinska cave.