Zlatograd is the southernmost Bulgarian city. It is located in the region of Smolyan only 6 km away from the Bulgarian-Greek border. It is popular with having the lowest altitude among all the towns and villages in the area  - 485 m.

For the Bulgarian ethnographic specialists, historians and philologists, Zlatograd is the center of the oldest traditions of the material culture and everyday life of the Bulgarian people. The city has the only private Ethnographic complex in Bulgaria, the biggest contemporary attraction in the Zlatograd municipality. The areal complex combines incredibly beautiful historical landmarks with authentic Bulgarian Renaissance hotels. Buildings within the complex are featured with white walls, open yards, vast oak gateways and oval chimneys. Architectural details from Xanthi and Plovdiv can also be seen here. The yards of most houses have wells, surrounded by oak baskets, with coils for the rope and roofs, made of single-gutter tiles.

The culture calendar of the complex is rich of events. Along with the traditional holidays, there are many local events to celebrate, such as the Delyo’s Festival, Festival of the cheverme (Rotisserie festival) and festival of the coffee. 120 architectural and archeological memorials have been listed within Zlatograd.

The Ethnographic areal complex is listed in the 100 Tourist Sites in Bulgaria under number 86.