Theme restaurant Bay Panayot’s Cheverme in Pamporovo Resort opened its doors for its first guests as far back in time as 1971.

In the coziness of the old Rhodope stone and wood house, under the sounds of bells and bagpipes, the most delicious lamb barbecue in the world is roasted, the way Bay Panayot, the founder of the restaurant, used to cook it, slowly roasting it for 5-6 hours and rotating it by hand before the eyes of all guests, in the big fireplace in the middle of the restaurant.

It’s been 45 years now since we first welcomed our guests with our authentic way of cooking and serving the Rhodope specialities together with the virtuoso orchestras and the best Rhodope dancers.

We invite you to become part of the 50-year history of the restaurant and one of the numerous visitors who will keep the memory of Bay Panayot’s Cheverme.


Phone: +359 (0) 889 81 55 03, +359 (0) 886 41 49 40

Facebook: Chevermeto-na-Bai-Panaiot