Velo Park Pamporovo is the biggest and most rapidly developing park for mountain biking in Bulgaria and in the region. The project has been developed with the cooperation of Concept Creative and each year enriches its assortment of tracks, events and facilities for mountain biking.
The project Pamporovo Velo Park was launched in the summer of 2012 and for several years it has been a favourite biking destination for many people. Currently the park disposes of 15 designated tracks with total length of over 35 km, suitable for all ages and skills. All tracks are full of various obstacles and facilities, such as turns, jumps, wood structures and other interesting facilities one of their kind in Bulgaria.
The park offers great variety of tracks with different levels of difficulty and functions. The more advanced bikers can have fun along specialized tracks, while for the beginners and families there are several green and family routes. The park also disposes of several tracks for training and improvement of skills, as well as the only specialized track for forcross discipline in Bulgaria. From this season the guests of Pamporovo will be able to use another brand new racing track taking the park to a higher class.

Velo Park Pamporovo has its own bike storage located at Studenets rank, next to lift number 2. There you can find bikes of different classes – from most ordinary for a slow ride to fully equipped bikes for racing, suitable for professionals. Qualified bikers of Pamporovo are also available and can accompany the bikers along the tracks of the park.
In the summer of 2016 a cycling park for the lovers of cycling was opened in Chepelary. It is a preferred place for the lovers of mountain biking, hiking and active tourism in the nature. The new attraction on Mechi Chal peak is also suitable for family picnics and provides places for children»s games and atractive facilities for children and adults. The extreme track guarantees adrenaline experience for the bravest ones, and many emotions. Have a great time!

Velo park Pamporovo