1. Snezhanka Tower

Snezhanka Tower is one of the symbols of Pamporovo and the Rhodopes. Tower’s height is 156m and it offers a majestic 360⁰ view from its panoramic terrace.

2. ‘Three Mountains’ Panoramic View Stand

Built in 2017, the panoramic view platform, just 400m away from Snezhanka Tower, quickly gained popularity with the visitors and now is a must-see attraction on every list of places to see in Pamporovo. The wooden construction overlooks the three mountain massifs of Pirin, The Rhodopes and Rila.

3. The Rocks of Orpheus and ‘Perelik’ Panoramic View Stand

The emblematic tourist attraction The Rocks of Orpheus, the Thracian king’s son, is close to Pamporovo resort and Snezhanka Tower. A marked trail leads to the rock formation, where an incredible view towards the Rhodopes Mountain can be seen. On the way to the rocks, one can visit the newly-built panoramic platform.

4. Smolyan Lakes

Smolyan Lakes are situated near the city of Smolyan, near the Snezhanka peak and the Rocks of Orpheus. Once 20 in number, now they are only 9, yet, the most beautiful are still preserved. The lakes offer spectacular views and many options to relax and have fun. Smolyan Lakes are reached through hiking or via a 2-chair lift (No4).

5. Mechi Chal Peak

Mechi Chal summit (1872m) is situated right above the city of Chepelare and 8km away from Pamporovo resort. The peak is easy to reach by hiking trails or via a chairlift. The place boasts with one of the longest ski trail in Bulgaria. A chapel with separate zones for fun, picnic or relax are built in the area.

6. Rozhen Meadows

The beautiful meadows of Rozhen are named after the peak, they are near to (Rozhen, 1436m). The meadows host traditional folklore festivals and fests. The National Observatory, also named after Rozhen (NAO Rozhen) is nearby.

7. Kartola

The Kartola site is situated near the village of Momchilovtsi, approximately 5km away from it and close to Momchil Yunak lodge. Naturally formed lakes and incredible panoramic view towards the Perelik-Mursalski region of the Rhodopes Mountain are among its assets. Last couple of years the area successfully develops ski sports. In summer it is suitable for biking, wall-climbing, paintball, motocross and others.

8. Eco Path Trek The Waterfalls Canyon and Soskovcheto Reserve

The eco path goes around the natural reserve Soskovcheto and is about 6km long. The trail is a journey through the natural phenomena and bio-diversity of the reserve. Hiking takes about 4 hours and leads to the incredibly beautiful scenery of the canyon, 6km long. Wonderful place for photo-shoots.

9. Golyam Perelik Summit and “The House of Bears”

Golyam Perelik (Big Perelik) peak (2192m) is the highest in the Rhodopes Mountain. It is reached for an hour, starting from Perelik Lodge. Walk will get you also to the House of Bears, hosting the annual Jazz Fest with the same name.

10. Panoramic view stand ‘Orlovo Oko’ (Eagle’s eye), Yagodina village

The platform is situated at 1563m on the top of the highest local peak – Saint Elija (Sveti Iliya). Reaching the stand is through off-road SUVs. The stand is built above the Buynovsko Zhdrelo, 680m.

11. Panoramic view stand ‘Vulchi Kamak’ (Wolf’s stone), Goevren village

The stand is located on the most popular local hilltop, called “The wolf’s stone”. It is situated northeast of the Goevren village, 1650m high. The stand is the highest on the Balkans and the especially build platform overlooks the majestic scenery of the Rhodopes Mountain. Vulchi Kamak stand is reachable via off-road SUVs; ride is through dirt roads, crossing beautiful meadows and forests.

12. Zaburdo Eco Path Track

The newly made eco track connects the beautiful village of Zaburdo with the rock phenomena The Wonderful Bridges. It offers a journey through beautiful forests and breath-taking views, small chapels and crystal Rhodopes mountain springs; great route for sightseeing!

13. The Natural Phenomena of the Wonderful Bridges

The natural arches of the Wonderful Bridges makes it a must-see attraction, amazing rock phenomena, one of the most attractive in Bulgaria. The site is located 8km away from the Zaburdo village. The rock massif is right under the Goliam Persenk peak (2091m), at 1450m. Its formation is probably due to earthquakes, with the additional assistance of the natural process of erosion, forming the two beautiful and magnificent marble bridges.

14. Garga Dere Canyon

The route starts 1.3km away from the village of Koshnitsa, where the Golubovitsa cave is situated – a four chamber cave of incredible beauty. 45m alpine trolley and Via Ferrata are also among the attractions.

15. Village of Gela

The popular village of Gela is situated at the foot of the Rhodopes Mountain peaks of peaksGoliam Perelik, Orpheus peak and Turlata, as the village is 6km away from Shiroka Laka village and 18km away from Pamporovo. Legends say the mythical ancient Thracian singer Orpheus went down the cave Diavolsko gurlo to bring back from the dead his beloved Eyridice. Every year the village hosts the National Bagpipe Festival, bringing together hundreds of fans of Bulgarian folk music and also tourists and professionals.

16. Orpheus Summit

The Orpheus summit, also known as Shilesta Chuka is the secont tallest peak in the Rhodopes Mountain region.

17. Struilitsa Eco Path Track, Devin city

The eco trail starts about 3km away from the city of Devin’s center. The route is about 4-5km long, taking over 2 hours to explore and hike. The path walks around the Kaleto castle ancient ruins, near the Lakata site and one of the highest Rhodope Mountain’s waterfalls – Samodivskoto Pruskalo (50mt) (The Villa’s Springs). The track offers relax zones, shelters and toilets.

18. Devil’s Throat Cave

The Dyavolskoto Gurlo (Devil’s Throat) Cave is situated a mile away from Trigrad village and the popular Trigrad Gorge, a spectacular canyon of vertical marble rocks. The main chamber of the cave, open for visitors, is a large hall with the highest underground waterfall on the Balkans. It is said that nothing carried into the Devil’s Throat Cave by the river ever surfaces from it on the other side.

19. Yagodina Cave

The large cave of Yagodina consists of 3 layer chamber, total of 10km long. Only the third layer is open for tourists and power-lighted. As most caves, Yagodina cave has a permanent temperature of 6°C and 92% humidity.

20. Golubovitsa Cave

Located 3km south of Uhlovitsa Cave, on the right side of the Garga Dere/ Garga brook; the four-chamber Golubovitsa cave is only accessible by boat, as the first 25m or so is completely underwater. After that, you walk by lantern-light. Special equipment is obligatory as well as speleologist guide.

21. Uhlovitsa Cave

The cave is close to Mogilitsa village, about 3km away from it;  Uhlovitsa cave is about 460m long, 330m of which explored and developed. A spectacular flowstone formation known as the White Waterfall and beautiful underground lakes are among the cave’s must-see features.