1. NAO Rozhen (daily/night visit)

The Bulgarian National Astronomical Observatory is the largest in the Southeast Bulgaria and on the Balkans. The Observatory officially opened on 13 March 1981 and is an office of the Institute of Astronomy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS). The Observatory holds events and lectures for groups and individual visitors.

Price: 25/30 BGN per person; includes transport, guide, entrance fee for the Observatory (group of 6 ppl min).

2. Panoramic view stand ‘Orlovo Oko’ (Eagle’s eye), Yagodina village

The stand is situated at 1563km on the top of the highest local peak – Saint Elija (Sveti Iliya). Reaching the stand is through off-road SUVs. The stand is built above the Buynovsko Zhdrelo, 680m.

Price: 48 BGN per person, includes: transport, guide, offroad SUV rental

3. Panoramic view stand ‘Vulchi Kamak’ (Wolf’s stone), Goevren village

The stand is located on the most popular local hilltop, called “The wolf’s stone”. It is situated Northeast of the Goevren village, 1650m high. The stand is the highest on the Balkans and the specially build platform overlooks the majestic scenery of the Rhodopes Mountain. Vulchi Kamak stand is reachable via off-road SUVs; ride is through dirt roads, crossing beautiful meadows and forests.

Price: 45 BGN per person; includes transport, guide and SUV rental

4. The Natural Phenomena of the Wonderful Bridges

The natural arches of the Wonderful Bridges makes it a must-see attraction, amazing rock phenomena, one of the most attractive in Bulgaria. The site is located 8km away from the Zaburdo village. The rock massif is right under the Goliam Persenk peak (2091m), at 1450m MASL. Its formation is probably due to earthquakes, with the additional assistance of the natural process of erosion, forming the two beautiful, magnificent marble bridges.

Price: 35 BGN per person, includes: transport, guide

5. Zaburdo Eco Path Track

The newly made eco track connects the beautiful village of Zaburdo with the rock phenomena The Wonderful Bridges. It offers a journey through beautiful forests and breath-taking views, small chapels and crystal Rhodopes mountain springs; great route for sightseeing!

Price: 35 BGN per person, includes: transport, guide

6. Natural Architectural Reserve Shiroka Laka

The village of Shiroka Laka is a natural architectural and folklore reserve as more than 90 local artifacts are important cultural assets and memorials. Most of these are authentic Rhodopa mountain houses built in a unique for the area architectural style. The most popular among them are the Zgurovska, the Uchikovska and the Grigorovska houses. The village has 2 must-see churches – “Sveti Nikola” (St. Nickola) and Dormition of the Mother of God – “Uspenie Bogorodichno”.

Price: 18 BGN per person, includes transport, guide

7. Struilitsa Eco Path Track, Devin city

The eco track starts about 3km away from the city of Devin’s center. The route is about 4-5km long, taking over 2 hours to explore and hike. The path walks around the Kaleto castle ancient ruins, near the Lakata site and one of the tallest Rhodope mountain’s waterfalls – Samodivskoto Pruskalo (50m) (The Villa’s Springs). The track offers relax zones, shelters and toilets.

Attention: Not suitable for children!

Price: 30 BGN per person, includes: transport, guide

8. Thermal Water Park Persenk, Devin city (Aquapark Persenk)

For all water fun enthusiasts, the Thermal water park Persenk in Devin is a great place to visit! Situated in the city of Devin, the park opened doors in 2017 and gained popularity fast, due to its various attractions. It is visited by locals and guests and is opened in summer.

Price: 22 BGN per person, includes transport, entrance fee and a beach chair

9. Uhlovitsa Cave and the Museum of Beans, Smilyan village; Rhodopa Milk Dairy

The village of Smilyan is popular not only with its picturesque old houses, a popular photo-destination, but also with its gourmet spots, giving a taste of the Rhodopes cuisine – the unique Museum of Beans gives an outlook of the most popular Bulgarian food, and in the local dairies you can try the real Bulgarian feta cheese!

Price: 40 BGN per person, includes: transport, guide, Uhlovitsa cave entrance fee

10. The Kaleto Castle near Koshnitsa village

The late-antiquity castle near the village of Koshnitsa is situated on the hilltop of a cone-shaped peak of marble karst, with an opening within the massif, forming a cave. The cave is also part of a Byzantine castle and together with the Smolyan fortress are attractions along the Central Transrodhopean road through the Central Rhodopes, you must visit as you go.

Price: 35 BGN per person, includes transport, guide

11. Regional Museum of History – Smolyan, Church of Saint Vissarion of Smolyan, The Planetaruim

Three points of interest in the city of Smolyan, cultural and science tour attractions.

Price: 35 BGN per person, includes: transport, guide, entrance fees for the museum and the Planetaruim

12. Perperikon (Perperek)

Perperikon is an ancient archeological artifact of the Eastern Rhodopes. The ancient Thracian megalith monument, built-in the rocks is the largest on the Balkans, 20km northeast of the present-day city of Kardzhali. The artifact consists of a large megalith sanctuary, approx.. 8000 old, ancient monuments and memorials and a Middle Ages fortress. The rock city stands on a cliff top at a height of 470m. Romans, Goths, Bysantine Greeks and Bulgarians have lived here, till the Ottoman Turks destroyed the city in XIV century.

Price: 80 BGN per person, includes transport, guide, entrance fee

13.Momchilova Krepost (Momchil Fortress)

The Momchil Fortress is situated near the Gradat village, 16km away from the city of Smolyan. The fortress is built during the Late antiquity (XIV century) as part of the fortified border system of castles and fortresses against the Bysantine barbarians and the northern tribes inviding the area.  

Price: 35 BGN per person, includes transport, guide, entrance fee for the fortress