For the ski season, Pamporovo introduces new types of ski passes, promotional accommodation periods and ski passes, a new modern SPA center and an attractive cultural calendar

Pamporovo starts the season with significant investments, new and attractive projects, which will give a great variety and choice, with the main purpose to enrich the stay of every tourist not only within but also outside the ski area. After the end of the active summer season, the resort continues to prepare for the ski season, filled with interesting sports, theatre and music events that will diversify the cultural life in Pamporovo and add value to your ski holiday.

For the first time it is possible to book in advance as early as now with discounts of up to 30% of the prices for accommodation in different periods during the season, including in March, as well as a promotional price of the lift card in certain periods in January.

What’s new in the ski season?

After the historical unification of the two ski areas in Pamporovo and Chepelare two years ago, the interest in the Rhodope slopes is growing more and more. For the upcoming ski season, priority will be placed on satisfying the guests and providing diversity of different types of new services related not only to the ski areas, but also to many new activities beyond skiing.

The 2 in 1 lift card remains the flavor of the season. It provides unlimited skiing on the Pamporovo ski slopes, unlimited skiing on the Chepelare ski slopes, free transportation between the two ski areas and a discount for the use of the ultramodern new SPA wellness center at the Perelik Hotel.

Pamporovo has already announced promotional periods for the ski pass in January from 6th to 10th and from 13th to 17th January 2020 (inclusive) for the price of BGN 52 per adult per day.

A new type of 6- and 9-day lift cards are introduced for weekdays with an option of non-consecutive use, which will give more flexibility and opportunity for tourists at the resort to use the service on different weekdays. This is an opportunity for all guests to benefit from any possible changes to their plans or in the event of bad weather by using the ski pass purchased for non-consecutive days in any of the next weekday periods during the season.

             The traditional pre-sale promotional price of the seasonal ski pass until December 1, 2019 is available again this season. A new seasonal ski pass is also introduced for weekdays at a promotional price of BGN 700, which will give tourists the option to choose the quieter weekdays during the ski season. Guests who purchase one of the two types of seasonal ski pass will be able to enjoy a 30%-discounted access to the newest state-of-the-art and luxury SPA wellness center at the Perelik Hotel. All other guests of the resort who purchase any other type of ski pass can enjoy a 15% discount.

Pamporovo-Mechi Chal is also preferred by families with young children because of the excellent conditions available in the ski kindergarten (for children from 4 to 7 years of age) and in the ski school (for children from 7 to 12 years of age). Due to the great interest, Pamporovo and Mechi Chal will keep the family packages with ski passes, which provide discounts of 8 to 12% of the price of the ski passes.

For the first time, Pamporovo announces March as a family month with a 30% discount on the price of the ski passes, 30% discount on the hotel accommodation in the five-star Orlovetz Hotel and Perelik Hotel, and 30% discount on the ski services after March 9, 2020 until the end of the season.

The social policy with regard to children and students' camps is still on, with preferential accommodation and skiing services still being provided to stimulate the development of winter sports among adolescents.

The affiliate programs with the Bulgarian-American Credit Bank, BMW Bulgaria and Auto Bavaria, A1, OMV and AORA continue. They provide discounts between 8 and 17% of the prices of ski passes, ski services and hotel accommodation at selected resort hotels under the terms of the programs and the policy of Pamporovo AD.

What’s new on the online platform and call center 0700 17 702

The upgraded call center system and the SNOWTIS automatic system, which provides real-time information on the meteorological conditions, runways and working lift facilities, will operate again in the upcoming ski season to facilitate tourists and provide access to up-to-date information. The call center system on 0700 17 702 will allow you to receive any up-to-date information about the ski area by an operator, direct contact with the Mountain Rescue Service, and information about hotel accommodation or business services.

Live cameras stream online what is happening in the ski areas, and anyone will be able to keep track of all the up-to-date information about Pamporovo and Mechi Chal at and through the resort's new mobile app.

What’s new in accommodation?

The accommodation facilities in Pamporovo are about to start preparing for the ski season. In December, after another major renovation of the well-known and emblematic five-star Perelik Hotel, the biggest in the resort luxurious SPA Wellness Center, located on three levels and on nearly 2,000 square meters, will open. Together with the new modern convention center in the resort, which opened this summer again at the Perelik Hotel, with halls of different capacity of a total of 1,200 seats, modern technical equipment and an underground passage to the luxury Perelik Hotel and Orlovetz Hotel, Pamporovo is becoming a new attraction center for skiing, wellness and business all year round.

For the first time Pamporovo announces as early as now special offers with a 30% discount for weekday stays in January, February and March. Discounts of up to 15% for early bookings as well as an additional discount for long stays are also provided.


From November 29 (Black Friday) for two weeks, Pamporovo will play a limited number of pre-sale rooms with vouchers through the so-called Blind offer with 50% discount on accommodation in any of the two five-star hotels Orlovetz or Perelik with no fixed date on the website. The dates for using the purchased vouchers will be fixed by Pamporovo AD within 10 days after the end of the campaign.

New modern SPA Wellness Center at Perelik Hotel *****

New modern SPA Wellness Center in Perelik Hotel *****


The Christmas surprise for all guests of the Perelik Hotel and tourists in the resort will be the opening of the new Perelik Spa and Wellness Centre, which will offer an extraordinary variety of relaxation and rehabilitation procedures.

The grand wellness project involves the construction of the most numerous and varied types of rooms and relaxation spaces in the region, which will attract guests to Pamporovo all year round. The center will offer the largest swimming pool in the resort, modern programmed access to various types of facilities, such as herbal sauna, cedar sauna, infrared sauna, aroma sauna, Finnish sauna, aroma herbal bath, steam room, relaxation area with wooden baths, Turkish bath (hammam), contrast shower, salt room, ice room, Jacuzzi, horizontal shower, Rhassoul room, private VIP jacuzzi, massage rooms, modern fitness center, fresh juice bar and more.

The new wellness center will be accessible to every guest who wants to enjoy the latest and most modern body repair treatments. The prices to use the SPA center for guests staying in the Orlovetz Hotel and the Perelik Hotel will be preferential and for external guests the entrance fee will be BGN 40 per day per adult. Tourists who purchase lift cards will be able to enjoy a discount on the wellness center entrances fees. For the convenience of the guests of the Perelik Hotel a new and comfortable passage has been built from the hotel rooms directly to the wellness center, and the guests of the Orlovetz Hotel can use the underground passage to the Perelik Hotel.

NEW!!! New calendar of cultural events in January and February


In the largest multifunctional hall of the newly opened conference center at the Perelik Hotel - Pamporovo Convention Centre, a cultural program during the ski season in the resort will be launched for the first time. The pre-planned program includes the participation of well-known bands and favorite performers from the Bulgarian pop scene, films, theatre productions and musicals every Saturday in January and February.

The new cultural program starts on January 11 with a hit musical by the Musical Theatre and includes names such as Akaga, Kamen Donev with his hit show "For the Folk Art", young music stars from popular TV shows, comedy theatre productions with our favorite actors from the small screen, Bulgarian animated films for the little ones and more. Tickets are already available for purchase upon a booking confirmation by phone at 070017702, at the sales centers of the Orlovetz Hotel and Perelik Hotel, or at the ticket office of the convention center just before the event.

Preliminary Program:

  • December 31 Vasko Chergov & Band, Perelik Restaurant
  • January 11 (Saturday) – Music Concert with hits from world musical and variety shows, such as "The Phantom of the Opera", "Chicago", " Les Misérables", "Zoro", "Cats", "Evita", "The Wizard of Oz" , performed in English, French, Italian and Bulgarian.
    • January 18 (Saturday) – Henpecked Husbands starring Albena Koleva, Kiril Efremov, Toncho Tokmakchiev
    • January 25 (Saturday) – Concert of the popular duet Dimitar Atanasov and Hristo Mladenov
    • February 1 (Saturday) –  Concert by Akaga Band
    • February 8 (Saturday) – For the Folk Art starring Kamen Donev
    • February 15 (Saturday) – Music Concert
    • February 22 (Saturday) – Concert by Toni Dimitrova
    • February 29 (Saturday) – Too Much Cheating starring Hristo Garbov, Albena Mihova, Evgeni Budinov, Stella Gancheva, Veselin Plachkov
    • March 2 (Monday) – Her, Him and a Few Others starring Anya Pencheva, Toncho Tokmakchiev, Alexander Kadiev, Kiril Efremov, Nencho Ilchev, Tihomir Blagoev


In case of a change in the preliminary announced cultural program, it will be shown in the Cultural Program section of the online platform of the resort,, or notified by an operator when contacting 0700 17 702.

                                                                                                                        Pamporovo AD