Families coming to spend their holidays in the Pamporovo resort can get the advantage of the specially created ski kindergarten for children located at the Ski center Malina. The kindergarten is suitable for children age 4 to 6 who are new to skiing and beginners with the ski sport; the goal of the chidren’s teaching center is also to make the experience exciting for them.

The ski kindergarten operating hours are 9:00 to 16:30, Parents have the choice to use the service for a half or for the whole day, if they use the second option, a lunch is provided, either in the very ski center or, if the weather allows it (mild weather and sun) outside the building.

The ski kindergarten has a separate entrance at the back of the ski center Malina and has a hall, used for relaxation and play after the ski classes of sledding in the ski zone for children.

The hall has a playground equipped with swings, slides, a playing house and tables with chairs suitable to the age group where the children can have fun indoors. A TV with DVD plays their favourite cartoons. A professional teacher and couple of qualified ski instructors make sure the ski lessons are fun and exciting for the little ones. The kindergarten staff speak Russian, English and Bulgarian.

For more information contact Eli - +359 889 459 437

Ski school for kids

One of the special highlights of Pamporovo's policy is to support the sustainable development of children's sport. Periodically, children's competitions, championships and cups are held in the resort to give the youngest people the opportunity to celebrate and celebrate among their personal successes the beginning of a future successful career in winter sports. Working with established professionals and instructors is another advantage that Pamporovo provides to his youngest friends.

Encouraging young talents is a public task and responsibility and creating an appropriate environment in which children receive good training, attention and respect by exercising their physical skills and developing their personal achievements for speed, strength and good coordination in winter sports is a task, In which Pamporovo JSC participates independently and in partnership with local and world organizations for children's sport.