Pamporovo Resort stands as an esteemed ski destination with a rich history spanning over 85 years. Nestled in the central part of the Rhodope Mountains at an elevation of 1650 meters above sea level, it rests at the base of the Snezhanka peak. Positioned approximately 15km from the town of Smolyan, 30km from the city of Chepelare, and 90km from the town of Plovdiv, Pamporovo enjoys a sub-Mediterranean climate characterized by mild winters and over 240 sunny days annually. The average yearly temperature in the resort hovers around 5.5 °C.

Serving as the starting point for nearly all ski slopes, the Snezhanka peak (1926m) offers a range of slopes varying in altitude from 1926m to 1400m. The ski season typically commences in early December and extends until the conclusion of April, boasting a snow cover exceeding 2 meters during peak winter months.

One of Pamporovo Resort's prominent attributes lies in its immunity from the perils of hurricane winds and avalanches. The heightened negative ionization in the air surrounding Pamporovo renders the resort conducive to respiratory rehabilitation, and offers benefits for ailments pertaining to the nervous system and metabolism.

Culinary delights and Local Cuisine:

The Rhodope region is renowned for its delectable specialties, and the quintessential way to savor their authentic flavors is by indulging in them at their place of origin—the Rhodope Mountains.

Here are our top recommendations for culinary experiences within the resort:

Glamour Chalet Restaurant & Bar

Part of the prestigious Gloria Mar brand, with branches in Saint Vlas, Old town Nessebar and Ravda, this mountain restaurant brings yet more luxury to the Pamporovo heart.

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Restaurant Neptun Winter Home

Neptun Restaurant will immerse you in a truly blissful atmosphere amidst a warm fireplace and fragrant gourmet specialties. Neptun Winter Home is the perfect place for you!

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Restaurant Gloria Mar

Gloria-Mar is situated on a convenient and prestigious location in Pamporovo VIP residence in the heart of the resort. The customers can use a free shuttle to and from the hotel. The Restaurant in Pamporovo is part of the elite Bulgarian chain Gloria Mar

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The White Hart Pub is located in the downtown area of Pamporovo Resort. It is a favorite gathering place for all visitors from UK. The Pub offers an extravagant setting and is spread on several levels.

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Irish pub DAK’S is Pamporovo’s only Irish pub. It is located in the very center of the resort, in the Snezhanka hotel. 

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"Plan B" Night club

Pamporovo ‘Plan B’ Night Club is the most popular and visited night club in the winter resort of Pamporovo. The club is located in Perelik Hotel and for several consecutive seasons it is a favorite place for all the tourists.

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