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The Kaleto Fortress near Koshnitsa village

Perched atop a cone-shaped marble karst peak near Koshnitsa village, the late-antiquity castle is a testament to ancient architectural prowess. This fortress, along with Smolyan's fortress, forms part of the Central Trans-Rhodopean road, offering visitors a glimpse into the region's rich historical heritage.

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Momchil's Fortress

Dating back to the Late Antiquity period (14th century), Momchil's Fortress near Gradat village served as a crucial defensive stronghold against Byzantine invaders and northern tribes. Its strategic location underscores its significance within the fortified border system of castles and fortresses.

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Bulgarian National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen

As the largest observatory in Southeast Bulgaria and the Balkans, the Bulgarian National Astronomical Observatory, operated by the Institute of Astronomy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, has been a hub of astronomical research since its establishment in 1981. Beyond its scientific endeavors, the observatory welcomes groups and individuals to partake in educational events and lectures.

Ethnographic Areal Complex of Zlatograd

Zlatograd, renowned as Bulgaria's southernmost point, boasts a wealth of cultural treasures, including over 100 monuments and artifacts. At the heart of the city lies the Ethnographic Areal Complex, offering a glimpse into Zlatograd's bygone era, meticulously preserved for over a century.

Agushevi Konatsi – Mogilitza Village

Designated a national monument of importance since 1964, the Agushevi Konatsi near Mogilitsa village stands as the largest feudal castle from the late Middle Ages in the Balkans. Comprising three interconnected yards with various residential and farm structures, this architectural marvel offers insight into medieval life.

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Holy Cross Woods (Krustova Gora)

Revered as a sacred site near Krustov vruh (The Cross peak), the Holy Cross Woods, dubbed "The Rhodopean Holywood," holds religious significance as the site of a monastery complex. Drawing pilgrims year-round, this revered location embodies the spiritual essence of the Rhodope Mountains.

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Bachkovo Monastery Dormition of the Holy Mother of God

Embracing a legacy comparable to Bulgaria's renowned St. Ivan Rilski Monastery in Rila, the Bachkovo Monastery Dormition of the Holy Mother of God stands as a testament to centuries of Orthodox heritage. Founded in 1083, this monastery complex, with its two major yards and array of religious structures, offers a captivating journey through Bulgarian religious history.

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Rozhen National Folklore Fair

Since its inception in 1961, the Rozhen National Folklore Fair has celebrated Bulgaria's rich cultural heritage through music, dance, and stock-breeding traditions. Serving as a national platform for showcasing folklore artistry, this festival attracts performers from across Bulgaria, fostering cultural exchange and preservation.

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Deeply rooted in tradition, the Ilinden holiday serves as a vibrant celebration of Rhodopean song and folklore. Held annually on the first Sunday of August near the chapel of St. Elijah above Gela village, this event brings families together to honor local customs and promote Rhodopean heritage.

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Since 1977, Pesponedelnik has united the men of Shiroka Laka and surrounding areas in a time-honored ritual of chasing away malevolent spirits. Combining ancient pagan customs with Christian elements, this ceremonial procession embodies the spirit of renewal and prosperity associated with the arrival of spring.

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