Кетъринг - кафе паузи, коктейли, сет меню

Every event requires different types of services in addition to its proper and smooth conduct. Among the additional services we offer are various multi-level menus for guests, delegates and visitors, specific and thematic decoration, special solutions for coffee breaks, and registration of participants.

Coffee breaks

Coffee breaks during an event - seminar, conference, presentation or working meeting - must be a pleasant and relaxing experience that combines rest with social contacts.

Our special menus include a variety of salty and sweet snacks, bites and premium sets for different occasions - from presentations in a narrow circle, to high-attendance conventions. The cosy atmosphere predispose to rest, and for an even more pleasant experience, you can choose a menu that corresponds to your individual preferences.

Cocktail time

A wide selection of table arrangements, a variety of food and beverages and professional service from experienced waiters and hostesses for the organisation of a cocktail for the occasion of a formal reception, opening, anniversary or family celebration.

With our help, you can choose the appropriate sound, lighting and thematic direction of the cocktail party so that your guests feel comfortable and enjoyable. The size of the event is irrelevant, we are pleased to present a variety of options - from a simple selection of drinks and food, to gourmet offers for different amounts of guests.

Set menu

Pamporovo Convention Center together with the five-star restaurants of the hotels Perelik and Orlovetz, has a variety of menus with several levels and the possibility of thematic meals.

We offer different options of appetizers, festive lunch or dinner, gourmet experience, set menu for festive occasions or themed cuisine - Mediterranean, exotic, classic cuisine and of course, our famous local Rhodope specialties. You can also choose a special package of drinks in the menu.


Our buffet offers are the result of the long-standing experience of the key restaurants for the resort in Hotel Perelik 5* and Orlovetz 5*. The buffeet includes hot and cold appetizers and meals, desserts and drinks, as well as dishes from the Rhodope cuisine, which are specific to the region.


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