Natural landmarks

Snezhanka Tower

Standing tall as one of the defining symbols of Pamporovo and the Rhodope Mountains, Snezhanka Tower boasts a commanding height of 156 meters, offering visitors a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view from its terrace.

Three Mountains Panoramic Viewpoint

Constructed in 2017, the panoramic viewpoint, located just 400 meters from Snezhanka Tower, has swiftly become a favored destination among visitors, earning its place as a must-see attraction in Pamporovo. This wooden structure provides sweeping vistas encompassing the three majestic mountain ranges of Pirin, The Rhodopes, and Rila.

The Rocks of Orpheus and Perelik Panoramic Viewpoint

An iconic tourist destination, The Rocks of Orpheus, steeped in mythology as the haunt of the Thracian king's son, is situated in close proximity to Pamporovo resort and Snezhanka Tower. Accessible via a marked trail, this site offers awe-inspiring views of the Rhodope Mountains. Along the trail, visitors can also explore a newly erected panoramic platform.

Smolyan Lakes

Nestled near the city of Smolyan, in the vicinity of Snezhanka Peak and the Rocks of Orpheus, lie the enchanting Smolyan Lakes. Once numbering 20, these crystalline lakes have diminished to nine, yet their beauty remains unparalleled. Offering breathtaking vistas and ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation, the Smolyan Lakes are accessible by hiking trails or a convenient 2-chair lift (No4).

Mechi Chal Peak

Overlooking the city of Chepelare and just 8 kilometers from the Pamporovo resort, Mechi Chal summit (1872m) beckons with its stunning vistas and extensive ski trails. Accessible via hiking trails or a chairlift, this peak features a chapel and designated areas for leisure activities such as picnics and relaxation.

Rozhen Meadows

Named after Rozhen Peak (1436m), the picturesque Rozhen Meadows serve as the backdrop for traditional folklore festivals and celebrations. Adjacent to the meadows lies the National Observatory, also bearing the name Rozhen (NAO Rozhen).

*Photo by Mihail Hubchev


Situated near the village of Momchilovtsi, the Kartola site boasts naturally formed lakes and awe-inspiring panoramic views of the Perelik-Mursalski region of the Rhodope Mountains. In recent years, the area has emerged as a hub for skiing and offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as biking, rock climbing, paintball, and motocross.

The Canyon of the Waterfalls Eco Trail and Soskovcheto Reserve

Traversing the natural reserve of Soskovcheto, the Canyon of the Waterfalls Eco Trail spans approximately 6 kilometers, offering a captivating journey through the reserve's diverse flora and fauna. This immersive hiking experience culminates in the stunning scenery of the 6-kilometer-long canyon, providing an ideal setting for photography enthusiasts.

*Photo by Wildlife in Bulgaria

Golyam Perelik Summit and the House of Bears

Towering as the highest peak in the Rhodope Mountains, Golyam Perelik (Big Perelik) peak (2192m) is accessible via a one-hour hike from Perelik Lodge. En route, visitors will encounter the House of Bears, which hosts the annual Jazz Fest bearing the same name.

*Photo by bestbgtrips

Orpheus Peak

Renowned as the second tallest peak in the Rhodope Mountain region, Orpheus Peak, also known as Shilesta Chuka, offers captivating vistas and opportunities for exploration amid its rugged terrain.

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