Pamporovo ski zone update for 12th February

Dear Customers,

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused by the closure of the Pamporovo ski zone this morning. This decision was made with your safety in mind due to adverse weather conditions – heavy rainfall since yesterday and throughout the night, coupled with several main lift facilities being affected by lightning strikes.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that a portion of the ski slopes – the main black and red runs and all ski lifts will not operate today. This is because we are unwilling to compromise your safety, considering the accumulated rainfall of 36 liters per square meter.

Although some ski slopes are open: Snezhanka №1 – Malkata Stena, Snezhanka 1a – the sleeve from ski slope 6 to Malkata Stena; Snezhanka №6 – the green run from the top of Snezhanka to the lower station of PVL №5 – the new six-seater lift at Malina; Snezhanka № 6a – Delovo Dere – the upper part of Snezhanka №2 and its inclusion in ski slope Snezhanka №6 and Snezhanka №11, we do not recommend using the area as the snow is extremely heavy, and despite our efforts to drain the areas, there is still a lot of water accumulation.

The operating lift facilities for the day will be: PVL 1 - Bus Station – Studenets Hut; PVL 2 – Studenets Hut – Snezhanka Peak; PVL 5 – Malina – Snezhanka Peak, and PVL 7 – Dvata Mosta – Snezhanka Peak. Both beginner and children's slopes are operational at the Malina ski area.

We kindly ask for your understanding as, despite our efforts, we cannot provide perfect conditions for using the Pamporovo ski zone. However, we strive to offer you relatively safe conditions for skiing and snowboarding.


We advise you to be extremely careful and to adhere to all signs and signals instructing you to reduce speed or prohibiting skiing on certain slopes. This is necessary because there is a lot of standing water around the lower lift stations and at the intersections of several slopes in the lower areas, making the terrain very soft due to the rain and accumulated wet snow from above.

From tomorrow (13th February), the Pamporovo ski zone will operate under normal working hours! We look forward to welcoming you.


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