Ski regulations

Rule 1: Respect for Others

Skiers and snowboarders must adjust their speed and manner of movement according to their skill level, terrain, snow conditions, weather, and traffic, ensuring they do not pose a risk to others on the slopes.

Rule 2: Speed and Control

All skiers and snowboarders must maintain control of their speed and equipment at all times, enabling them to change direction or stop promptly when necessary.

Rule 3: Jumping

Jumping is prohibited on ski slopes unless specific areas are designated and clearly marked for such activities.

Rule 4: Overtaking

When overtaking another skier or snowboarder, it must be done safely, providing ample space and passing to the left or right as appropriate.

Rule 5: Stopping on the Slope

Skiers and snowboarders should avoid stopping on narrow or poorly visible sections of the slope unless absolutely necessary. After a fall, they should promptly clear the slope to avoid obstructing others.

Rule 6: Operating Hours

Skiing and snowboarding within the Pamporovo – Mechi Chal ski area are only permitted during official working hours.

Rule 7: Personal Lift Pass

Lift passes are non-transferable and must not be shared with others. Any attempt to transfer a lift pass to another individual is strictly prohibited and may result in deactivation or confiscation.

Rule 8: Personal Responsibility

Skiers and snowboarders are personally responsible for their conduct and safety while using the facilities. They are also liable for any incidents resulting from reckless behavior or failure to adhere to the rules.

Rule 9: Identification and Verification

All users of lift tickets or personal ski ID cards must be prepared to present them for verification upon request by ski patrol or access control personnel.

Rule 10: Company Policies

Pamporovo PLC assumes no responsibility for incidents occurring on closed slopes or non-designated areas, nor for accidents resulting from failure to comply with safety regulations outlined in the company's General Terms and Conditions. This includes adverse weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances beyond the company's control.


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