Ski rules

Rule 1: Respect for others

All skiers or snowboarders should adapt their speed and way of moving with their capabilities, considering the terrain, snow cover, weather conditions, traffic and must not endanger other skiers and snowboarders.

Rule 2: Control of speed and skiing or snowboarding

All skiers or snowboarders should have full control of their ski/snowboard, so that in case of necessity to be able to change direction or stop.

Rule 3: Jumping

All jumps are forbidden on the ski slopes, except areas specifically indicated by signs for that purpose.

Rule 4: Overtaking

A skier or snowboarder should protect the person in front of them and overtake to the left or to the right, providing a distance for safe passage.

Rule 5: Stopping on the slope

Unless absolutely necessary, a skier or snowboarder must avoid stopping on the slope at narrow sections, or where visibility is restricted. After a fall on the slope, a skier or snowboarder must move clear of the slope as soon as possible.

Rule 6: Skiing and snowboarding in working time

Skiing and snowboarding along the ski runs over the ski area of Pamporovo – Mechi Chal is FORBIDDEN out of the official working hours.

Rule 7: Personal lift pass

All lift passes are personal. Transferring the lift pass to another person after its first use is subject to identification by the photo-control system and is forbidden in accordance to the General Conditions of use. This may result in deactivation, or confiscation of the lift pass by authorized personnel.

Rule 8: Personal liability

All skiers or snowboarders are personally liable for their behavior while using the facilities. They are also personally liable for incidents during skiing as a result of reckless and unsafe actions or non-compliance of the rules.

Rule 9: Identification and control

All users who purchase a lift ticket/pass, or personal ski ID card holders must provide their ski pass upon request to ski patrol or access control personnel for a validity or random check.

Rule 10: Company policy

Pamporovo PLC is not responsible for incidents on the slopes, marked/assigned as closed, or areas not designated as ski slopes, as well as for incidents caused by skiers/snowboarders, who do not follow all safety rules according to the General Terms and Conditions of the company. This also applies in case of: strong wind, heavy snowfall, lack of snow, very low or high temperature, fog, hurricane wind, heavy rain and all other force majeure circumstances.

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